Life is Sweet; wait…not really!

I’ve been gone for a minute…the dog ate my homework :-/ but seriously I haven’t done much in that time and somehow I feel it will still be OK [Earth still in orbit…check!].

In my weeks of hiding out from the blog (oh the pressure to hurry up and get fit so that I could write about it LOL), I’ve eradicated sugar from my diet, well for the most part anyway. Ah still need to “brown” meh chicken before ah stew it…ah not playin’ dat breds. Continue reading “Life is Sweet; wait…not really!”

The Dream

Getting it all done In Baby Steps

This morning, after a weekend long, self-inflicted, mental spoofing, I walked a few spirited laps about the velodrome track. I was going to say “never have I felt more alive” but in all fairness, I’ve birthed four children so I have indeed felt more alive…four times! Continue reading “Getting it all done In Baby Steps”